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Bruin Electronics, Inc.
A Joseph Behr & Sons Company
1100 Seminary St.
Rockford, IL 61105
Phone 800-573-8934
Fax 815-987-2776

Your Single Source for Refurbished and New Electronics Parts

Bruin Electronics is a single source recycler of all electronic parts or products scheduled for disposal. The company is a subsidiary of Joseph Behr & Sons, Inc., a prominent multifaceted recycler founded in 1906. Bruin Electronics, in conjunction with our various sister companies, offers optimum returns from all non-productive electronic material.

We achieve the above through the following services:

  • Tear-down capabilities
  • Retrieval, refurbishment, and resale
  • Liquidation of excess or obsolete equipment–components or total assemblies
  • Precious metal reclamation
  • Solder dross refining
  • Guidance in the disposal of non-recyclable material
  • Elimination of environmental liabilities by proper disposal of electronic materials

The majority of our customers have unique requirements for the disposal of their obsolete or surplus materials. We are proud that we consistently meet all customer expectations.

Processing and material handling are performed in full compliance with local, state, and federal E.P.A. legislation. Certification of Destruction is furnished whenever required.

Our sister companies are:

1. Behr Precious Metals, Inc.

Behr Precious Metals refines all types and grades of scrap material containing gold, silver, platinum and palladium generated by electronics, electrical and electroplating industries. In addition, the company is a smelter of tin/lead drosses and residues.

Phone 800-332-2680
Fax 815-987-9880

2. Behr Iron & Steel, Inc.

Behr Iron & Steel offers two unique services at two efficient locations in the U.S.:

Brokerage. Behr Iron & Steel buys and sells scrap iron and steel by truck, rail car, barge and boat throughout the United States for direct shipment to steel mills and foundries.

Scrap Processing. Behr Iron & Steel processes scrap iron and steel for shipment to steel mills and foundries. Processing is done in two locations: Burns Baling Company, located on the property of Midwest Steel Division of National Steel, Inc., Portage, Indiana and in Rockford, Illinois at Joseph Behr & Sons, Inc.

Rockford , Illinois Office Phone
Northfield, Illinois Office Phone

3. Behr Metals, Inc.

Behr Metals is a secondary aluminum smelter that produces all grades of specification aluminum ingot. In addition, the company buys, sells and processes non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, bronze, lead, zinc, high temperature alloys and tool steels. Phone 815-987-2750.

4. Behr Trucking, Inc.

Behr Trucking operates a fleet of forty trucks, primarily for transport of scrap iron and metals. The company utilizes some the most efficient transport available, including tractor-trailers, roll-offs, huge-hauls, luggers, dumpsters and straight trucks. Phone 815-987-7227.

5. G & M Construction, Inc.

G&M Construction is a leader in industrial construction, primarily concrete work, machinery moving and erection, pile driving and precast concrete erection.

Phone 815-987-2685.

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