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James McIlroy
Chief Executive Officer

Pete Dietl

Jon Nappa
Chief Operating Officer – East Coast

Chris Pennington
Chief Operating Officer – Midwest
Vice President of Purchasing

Craig Raughton
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Pam Smith
Chief Financial Officer

Linda Clarke
Office Administrator – East Coast

Kelly Daniel
Quality Control Manager

Kathy Michael
Customer Care Supervisor

Heather Lofgren
Executive Assistant

Kristin Perez
Customer Care Representative

Derek Anderson
Account Manager

Scott Mooney
Account Manager

Jim Willson
Account Manager

Susan Woodward
Account Manager

Nounou Sacdyphoud
Shipping Coordinator

Monivone Siphengphone
Production Supervisor

Bob Argetsinger
Information Technology Specialist

Shawn Barker
Customer Care Representative

Paul McKenzie
Inventory Control Manager

Shawn McCoy
Information Technology Specialist

Bryan Castellino
East Coast Retail Store Manager

John Kardash
New York Retail Store Associate

Justin Avery
New York Retail Store Associate

p1 – Electronics Industry

Having served the electronics industry for the past eight years, Bruin Electronics is not just another store selling computers. Our massive component inventory and worldwide partnership with manufacturers and distributors, made the addition of a personal computer retail division a natural fit.

Bruin will custom build one or twenty computers to your exact specifications. We will assist you in evaluating your needs and custom build the perfect solution for your home or business.

We take pride in catering to small business needs, as well as tackling the largest of projects. All equipment and services are guaranteed. Customer satisfaction, honesty and integrity are what we want you to remember when doing business with Bruin Electronics.

Maps to Our Stores


Bruin Electronics has an extensive inventory of Integrated Circuits. Our IC inventory consists of DRAM, SRAM, Processors, Video RAM, EPROMS, Cache SRAM and FLASH memory. All of our products carry a 100% unconditional 30-day guarantee for appearance, form, fit and function. Whether you are looking for obsolete or state-of-the-art pieces, contacting Bruin Electronics is bound to save you time and money. Feel free to contact us at or follow the instructions below to download a partial list of our IC inventory. Please note that our inventory list is updated nightly.

Download IC Inventory

• Inventory file in database format (database file): bruininv.dbf

• Inventory in zip format (winzip file):

• Inventory in executable zip format (self-extracting zip file): bruininv.exe

(Note: Sorry, the links above don’t work at this time.)

IC Specials


Why is your surplus so important? At Bruin we have the ability to reclaim and refurbish IC’s from populated boards. Obsolete, hard to find IC’s can be removed, restored, and made available for high priority equipment. Companies that create excess boards in their manufacturing process can have the chips recovered and made available for future use in their original optimal application. Overall, refurbished IC’s are extremely appealing because they offer performance identical to new pieces with amazing availability and affordability.

Bruin Electronics’ refurbishing process begins with evaluation and extraction from boards and ends with stellar components that are burned in and ready to use. As we near our ISO 9002 Certification, you can be sure that when a refurbished IC leaves Bruin it has passed through an extensive restoration process under the strictest supervision. All of our refurbished components come with an unconditional 30 day guarantee, impeccable service, and a price that can’t be beat.

Over twenty-five years ago, Bruin’s president, Peter Dietl, pioneered the concept of retrieving and reconditioning integrated circuits trapped in populated circuit boards. He also created the market for restored devices. Pete personally oversees our refurbishing team and provides the confidence we have in guaranteeing all pieces that leave our facility.