Safe Recycling . . . Safe Environment

We all are aware of the environmental impact of manufacturing and product disposal processes. Many industries, including the electronics industry, contribute substantially to our conutry’s waste stream. In fact, if unchecked, hundreds of millions of Pcs and workstations may end up in U.S. landfills in the next few years alone.

Here’s how we can all help.

First, Bruin extracts every resalable component from the circuit board, reducing the need for waste disposal. Our technically trained and quality conscious production staff reconditions and refurbishes the parts for resale, offering you high quality electronic components . . . unconditionally guaranteed. Our SIMM Modules are all 100% tested and guaranteed for 1 year.

Through our sister company, we offer single-site, multi-service refining, including incineration, melting, shredding or chemically reducing circuit board scrap after resalable parts are removed. Scrap is NEVER sent to a landfill . . . which is a critical step toward preserving our valuable land and our environment.

Also included in our wide range of services is disassembly and resale of unwanted equipment.

We invite you to visit any one of our plants and inspect our processes step-by-step. Then, check out our huge inventory of both refurbished and new electronic components. You’ll quickly see how we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously . . . and how that commitment allows you to take advantage of quality electronic products at very cost-effective prices.

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