Query Part

By submitting a query from this form, it is possible to search Bruin’s inventory for the parts you need. This information is a live feed from the main Bruin inventory. If you see it here, we have it (unless it has been sold by the time you call/fax/email.) If you don’t see it here, we may still have the part: it just may not be entered into inventory yet.

We allow you to submit queries based on two fields: a generic part number and a specific part number. You may fill out one field, or both. The generic part number is the generic specification for a part type (e.g. 80486), while the specific part number is the more specific part specification (e.g. A80486DX-33 or A80486DX2-66).

Use the percent sign (%) for a wild card charater.

Sample queries:

  • Generic Part Number "68020" shows all parts of generic type 68020
  • Generic Part Number "256kx1DR%" shows all 256k by 1 DRams, of any speed.
  • Generic Part Number "%SR-020%" shows any parts that are static ram at a speed of 20.
  • Generic Part Number "%SR% shows any parts with SR (static ram) in the name.
  • Specific Part Number "%486%66%" shows any parts with 486 and 66 (e.g. A80486DX2-66)
Generic Part Number:

Specific Part Number:


NOTE Update: sorry, for now this query is not working.