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Why Choose Bruin and the Other Behr Companies for Recycling Services and Recycled Products?

Five Tough Questions Our Best Customers Asked Before Choosing Behr . . . and Our Best Answers.


Question 1. “What makes Joseph Behr & Sons, Inc. different from any other electronic scrap recycler?”

Answer: Most recycling firms either recover precious metals from scrap or retrieve and remarket integrated circuits. Behr does both.

  • First, our Behr Precious Metals division will recover and pay you for the precious metal content of your scrap.
  • Then, our Bruin Electronics Division will recover, refurbish and sell the ICs directly into world markets.
  • Because we recover more value from your scrap (and because no “intermediaries” are involved), we can pay significantly more for it.

Question 2. “I’m very concerned about EPA exposure. Will Behr send any part of my scrap to a landfill?”

Answer: We share your concern. We are a multi-service refiner processing electronic scrap at a single site. We incinerate, melt, shred and chemically reduce scrap to recover precious metals. We send none of your scrap to a landfill. That is important. In a recent, well-publicized case, a manufacturer buried obsolete computers on his own property. Because of solder in the computers, it was declared a Superfund site!

Question 3. “What’s wrong with putting our scrap PC boards out for bid?”

Answer: You must know what the successful bidder does with every component of your shipments, especially what is not marketable. For example:

  • If the bidder incinerates, is the incinerator properly permitted?
  • Does the bidder landfill, and is the landfill properly permitted?
  • The environmental liability for your scrap remains with you no matter h ow many times your scrap might change hands. For your protection, you must do a complete environmental audit.

Question 4. “How much experience does Behr have in the electronic scrap industry?”

Answer: Joseph Behr & Sons, Inc. has been in continuous operation for almost 90 years. Our reputation for integrity, EPA compliance and financial responsibility is known throughout the industry. Visit our premises and you’ll immediately see a difference between us and other scrap processors or recycling firms, no matter how big or well known, particularly in areas of environmental concern.

Question 5. “How do I arrange a site inspection at Behr Precious Metals and Bruin Electronics?”

Answer: Site inspection is our strongest selling point! Just call and let us know when you’d like to visit and inspect our process step-by-step. In addition, we invite environmental assessments, and our licenses and permits are always available for review.

Seven Companies Make Joseph Behr & Sons What It Is Today.


Established in 1906, Joseph Behr & Sons, Inc. is a diversified corporation composed of seven operating companies. Our combined facilities and capabilities for precious metal recovery and component retrieval, along with our commitment to maintaining the highest environmental standards, are unmatched.

Judge for yourself. We invite you to visit any one of our seven operating companies.

1. Bruin Electronics Company

Bruin Electronics Company specializes in the refurbishing and sale of integrated circuits (ICs) in worldwide markets. Phone 800-573-8934. Fax 815-987-2776.

2. G & M Construction, Inc.

G&M Construction is a leader in industrial construction, primarily concrete work, machinery moving and erection, pile driving and precast concrete erection. Phone 815-987-2685.

3. Behr Iron & Steel, Inc.

Behr Iron & Steel offers two unique services at two efficient locations in the U.S.:

Brokerage. Behr Iron & Steel buys and sells scrap iron and steel by truck, rail car, barge and boat throughout the United States for direct shipment to steel mills and foundries.

Scrap Processing. Behr Iron & Steel processes scrap iron and steel for shipment to steel mills and foundries. Processing is done in two locations: Burns Baling Company, located on the property of Midwest Steel Division of National Steel, Inc., Portage, Indiana and in Rockford, Illinois at Joseph Behr & Sons, Inc.

Rockford , Illinois Office Phone 815-987-2700
Northfield, Illinois Office Phone 708-441-6700

4. Behr Metals, Inc.

Behr Metals is a secondary aluminum smelter that produces all grades of specification aluminum ingot. In addition, the company buys, sells and processes non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, bronze, lead, zinc, high temperature alloys and tool steels. Phone 815-987-2750.

5. Behr Precious Metals, Inc.

Behr Precious Metals refines all types and grades of scrap material containing gold, silver, platinum and palladium generated by electronics, electrical and electroplating industries. In addition, the company is a smelter of tin/lead drosses and residues. Phone 800-332-2680. Fax 815-987-9880.

6. Behr Trucking, Inc.

Behr Trucking operates a fleet of forty trucks, primarily for transport of scrap iron and metals. The company utilizes some the most efficient transport available, including tractor-trailers, roll-offs, huge-hauls, luggers, dumpsters and straight trucks. Phone 815-987-7227.

7. Behr Recycling, Inc.

Behr Recycling hauls and processes recyclable materials, including glass, aluminum cans and plastic. The Loves Park, Illinois company services municipal, commercial and industrial accounts.

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