Why is your surplus so important? At Bruin we have the ability to reclaim and refurbish IC’s from populated boards. Obsolete, hard to find IC’s can be removed, restored, and made available for high priority equipment. Companies that create excess boards in their manufacturing process can have the chips recovered and made available for future use in their original optimal application. Overall, refurbished IC’s are extremely appealing because they offer performance identical to new pieces with amazing availability and affordability.

Bruin Electronics’ refurbishing process begins with evaluation and extraction from boards and ends with stellar components that are burned in and ready to use. As we near our ISO 9002 Certification, you can be sure that when a refurbished IC leaves Bruin it has passed through an extensive restoration process under the strictest supervision. All of our refurbished components come with an unconditional 30 day guarantee, impeccable service, and a price that can’t be beat.

Over twenty-five years ago, Bruin’s president, Peter Dietl, pioneered the concept of retrieving and reconditioning integrated circuits trapped in populated circuit boards. He also created the market for restored devices. Pete personally oversees our refurbishing team and provides the confidence we have in guaranteeing all pieces that leave our facility.




Bruin Electronics maintains an extensive inventory of Refurbished and NEW products. Choose from the following categories of products:

Dynamic Ram
Static Ram
SIMM Module
Video Ram

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Refurbished parts are retrieved and processed at our Rockford, Illinois facility. New parts are obtained from manufacturers’ excess inventories or acquired through our Worldwide network of brokers and independent distributors. All products are sold under Bruin Electronics’ Unconditional Return Policy.

Search the Bruin Electronics Inventory

By submitting a query to this form, you can search Bruin’s inventory for the parts you need. This information is a live feed from the main Bruin inventory system. If you see a part listed here, the part is in stock (unless it has been sold by the time you call/fax/email). If you don’t see the part you need listed here, it is possible that we have the part; it may not yet have been entered into inventory system. It’s also possible that we can locate a part that we currently do not have in stock.

You can submit queries based on two fields: a generic part number and specific part number. You can fill out one or both fields. The generic part number is the generic specification for a part type (e.g. 80486), while the specific part number is an exact part specification (e.g. A80486DX-33 or A80486DX2-66).

Please use the percent sign (%) for a wild card number.

Sample queries:

  • Generic Part Number “68020” shows all parts of generic type 68020
  • Generic Part Number “256kx1DR%” shows all 256k by 1 DRAMS, of any speed
  • Generic Part Number “%SR-020%” shows any parts that are static RAM at a speed of
  • Generic Part Number “%SR%” shows any parts with SR (static ram) in the name.
  • Specific Part Number “%486%66%” shows any parts with 486 and 66 (e.g. A80486DX2-66
Generic Part Number:

Specific Part Number:

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